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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 19, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> shepard: republican resurgence. win or lose, the gop insists you bet. complete coverage from the big senate race in massachusetts. plus, a warm reception as the u.s. army drops in on haiti's capital. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. more troops flooding in to help haiti. and u.s. forces revealing a plan to solve one of the biggest problems in the relief mission. plus, new images capture the moments of terror during the disaster. tonight, video inside an orphanage when the earthquake hit. and republicans say today's vote in massachusetts could be a game changer for president obama's aagain da. >> i'm energized yet not taking anything nor granted. >> shepard: and democrats say don't count us out. >> people get to choose today. >> shepard: now, with polls set to close, we are ready to hear
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what voters decided. tonight, the moment of truth. 59 minutes to go until the polls close and we find out whether republicans have pulled off what was inconceivable just a few months or even weeks buy it. taking back the senate seat that ted kennedy held for almost half a century in a state where registered democrats outnumber registered republicans 3 to 1. take a look at this. these are states with senate races this year. and these are the ones the experts are calling a tossup. right now most are cheerly blue. democrats had the 60 seat super majority in the u.s. senate but could be on the verge of losing it should scott brown beat martha coakley tonight in massachusetts and this could give the gop crucial new power to fight president obama on healthcare and much more. >> this is big and something which i think you will see
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going across the nation if you continue to have the kind of if you will neomonarchist royalist attitude coming out of washington. people are saying this is a democracy and that people want to be heard. >> whether there was 59 seats in or 60, we still have to work hard to get the economy back on track and work hard for the promise of affordable accessible healthcare for millions of americans a reality. i don't believe there is an entirely new agenda behind some door based on the result of tonight. >> shepard: there could be an entirely new reality for the president as he tries to push his projects through congress. team fox coverage. molly line at coakley head quarters in boston. let's get to carl cameron, live with the brown campaign, also in boston tonight. set the stage for us. >> polls close shortly. a sleet filled day with both campaigns arguing things are not as bad in the coakley case
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and not as good in the brown case as everybody said. he has had a tremendous campaign with an unbelievable ground swell of support in a state that is predominantly democrat and yet with the polls showing that he comes in with a slight edge within the margin of error as he cast his vote for himself in his hometown, afterwards he made a big point to say the only poll that matters are the ones that close in just about 58 minutes. listen to this. >> i have never been a big poll person. i'm up in some and down in some and we'll see what happens. 8:01 and i hope to see you all tonight. >> as you look at the stage right now, you can see the state senator scott brown's daughter who was on "american idol" actually getting prepared for the evening's activities. they are looking for a big win here. it would be historic with so much at stake. healthcare, the 41st agenda.
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it would break the democrats 60 vote filibuster majority. >> shepard: on the surface it might look as if coakley as a big democratic majority on her side but if you look more closely the 50 plus majority is among those who are neither democrat nor republican. >> and that really reflects what has been going on in the country for a number of years. in massachusetts it is a little different. is a century of history here where democrats have outnumbered republicans by three and a half to one and that is in fact the case now. 12% are registered republicans. 36% are registered democrats but as you say 52% in massachusetts are call the the unenrolled and independents who can vote in either party. recent polls sugg suggested brn had an advantage with them, too. hovering around 44%, very high for a special election in massachusetts.
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coakley has infrastructure and mr. brown has had intensity. >> shepard: carl cameron working the republican head quarters in massachusetts tonight. thanks. what is the democratic candidate saying about how she went from a 30-point lead a couple of months ago to what appears to be a dead heat. our team fox coverage continues with molly line. reporters asked her about that very question today. >> that's right. and martha coakley is trying to stay positive and said that she feels that the campaign has momentum and she feels that when they make phone calls and feels that out in the field. here is martha coakley. >> i don't know what people you are talking to because we have been working hard. we had a busy primary and a busy, busy campaign season. i know there are a lot of people who saw me and are going to vote for me today. >> martha coakley says it is not the polls what matter and it is what the voters do and she says it is what the voters
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decide. >> shepard: she has been criticized for not spending enough time on the campaign trail. what is she doing today? >> out there shaking hands. her campaign held an 11th hour press conference saying that they have heard reports that there have been marked ballots, marked with scott brown's name on them and they reported that to the secretary of state's office. the brown campaign says this is a desperate move on the part of the coakley campaign and we will see where that ends up. the polls close in less than an hour. >> molly line live in boston and we will have continuing coverage of the showdown tonight here on fox news channel. bret baier and greta van susteren are live in beantown and theyville uptates throughout the evening. and we will talk to the editor of the boston globe about the consequences. >> shepard: crowds gathered outside the palace grounds in haiti. many cheering the troops who
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emerged with food, water and equipment and started moving toward a nearby hospital. the u.s. military also announced plans to get around the biggest bottle neck with aid, the jam packed port-au-prince airport. the military will soon open runways at two other airports. one in haiti and one across the border in the eye in the dominican republic and they believe that should allow groups to ramp up delivery to haiti. the u.s. navy and coast guard working to fix up the port that feeds the capital city. navy teams diving down to get a better sense of how much damage the quake cause. >> we are looking at the condition of the pier and some of the things in the surrounding area to make sure that it is safe to run boat operations and offload aid into the area. >> shepard: in short, too soon to know how long it could take to get the port up and running. in the capital, rescue workers still looking for survivors trapped in the rubble a week
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after the quick hit. here teams worked for more than 16 hours to find survivors but after finding no signs of life they had to tell anxious relatives hope is lost. one woman who lost a loved one hugged the rescuers and thanked them for trying. elsewhere in port-au-prince, pure elation after rescuers pulled a woman alive from the wreckage of the national cathedral. she was inside the archbishop's resident when the earthquake hit. the archbishop did not make it. the woman is dirty, weak and dehydrated as they put it but alive. there is hope that others are alive here at the hotel, montana. that is a spot that was popular with americans and other foreigners before it was devastated by the quake. now, officials say some americans may still be trapped inside. search forces indicate they checked the hotel rubble several times but say they will keep looking for any signs of life. a ritual repeated across haiti. desperate and unyielding searches that are defined by moments of hope and constant
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instance of agony. we with reporters in spots across haiti. in port-au-prince, to the west in leogan and we begin with jonathan hunt. good evening. >> good evening. you don't need to spend much times on the streets of port-au-prince to realize how long it will take to rebuild the city. what a difficult if not impossible task that will be. three branches of the haitian government have literally and figuratively crumbled. this is the palace of justice completely utterly destroyed when the quake hit just before 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. we can assume that there were many, many people working in this huge building. very few of them from the look of this rubble could have possibly got out. and now, the smell of death hangs heavy in the air over
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this, the remains of the palace of justice. and this is the legislative branch, the parliament building. as you can see, once again reduced to nothing more than rubble. and there is no accounting yet for exactly how many members of the haitian parliament did not make it out of the building alive. and this is the executive branch, the presidential palace. it once was a symbol of the little stability that haiti has ever really had. now, as you can see, it is little more than a pile of rubble. a symbol once again of the collapse of the haitian government. members of the 82nd airborn are now camped on the front lawn of that presidential palace, a symbol that the u.s. military is in fact now the de facto if not the real government of this ravaged country. the u.s. troops here face a monumental task along with all
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of the other aid workers from around the globe who have come here to try to help lift haiti up from its knees. shep? >> jonathan hunt live this evening in the haitian capital. his producer kathleen foster is live blogging about their experiences. go to fox news and you will find a tab called live shots and you will find more from reporters and producers across haiti. team fox coverage continues with an update on haiti's orphans. we will show you all the children already in safe hands and the efforts to bring them home. we will also show you the incredible video recorded inside an orphanage at the inside an orphanage at the moment the earthquake struck. that is coming up. this you're watching fox news, that is coming up. and this is "the fox report." child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces and wireless headsets,
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>> shepard: now, to the plight of haiti's orphans. there is still a strong push to bring many of them to the united states and tonight we are seeing terrifying new evidence of the trauma some of them suffered when the
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earthquake hit. a missionary from ohio was visiting a port-au-prince of fannage last week when it struck. this is what he recorded. >> outside, go, go, go! go. >> shepard: obviously tense and chaotic moments but the missionary says all 20 of the children survived and they are now living together in a one bedroom apartment. today, some other orphans from haiti made it out of country and got a warm welcome here in the united states. the pennsylvania governor ed rendell helped escort the children on a flight to pittsburgh. you can see them on the plane that brought them here. the kids ranged in age from 11 months to 12 years and once they landed on u.s. soil, a lot of folks who went to work to make sure that the kids get the best care possible and a lot of love. our molly henneberg tracking
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the story. what happened when they got here? >> hi, shep. they were taken to children's hospital in pittsburgh. some carried in one-by-one wrapped up in blankets. each was checked out by a pediatrician there. one of got pittsburgh area sisters who worked at the orphanage says none of the kids was injured badly in the earthquake when the orphanage was destroyed but some developed fevers or dehydration in the days since. the governor said it was a struggle to get the recruiting which sit approvals from the u.s. and haiti to bring the children here. >> we could have gotten the vast majority about 85 or 90% out but the sisters hung in there and said everybody goes or nobody goes. >> and in the end they did get all the approvals. the state department officials say they too, too, were up late working on getting all the documents that they needed to come into the u.s. for the kids. shep? >> shepard: any updates tonight on the rest of the orphans? we are led to believe this
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there are thousands of them in the process of being adopted by americans? >> the state department says several hundred families in the u.s. are in the middle of the process and they are getting calls and e-mails here from adoptive parents "frafrantic worry" as you might imagine. they have set up mainly focusing on approved adoptions. adoptions pretty far along in the process, trying to get the children with medical needs out first. listen to this. >> we are leaning as far forward as we can. there is a legal process that exists in our country as well as in haiti. the haitian government i would add has been very, very cooperative. >> as for americans who may want to adopt haitian kids now, the state department says that is "generous and admirable" but the first priority for them and for the haitian government is to reunite any kids that may or may not be orphans with any family members in haiti who may want to care for them.
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>> molly, thank you. and for more on all of the orphans in haiti head to the website, fox haiti. there you will find videos and reports on the ground and how you can help the victims of the earthquake if you so choose. humanitarian effort there is one of president obama's concerns beyond our borders along with two wars and nuclear threats. coming up work tomorrow marking one year since the president took office, we will report and you decide on his first year in office. plus, who brings home the baken in your family? how couples benefit from saying i do. money and marriage, ahead on "the fox report." xúú
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>> shepard: there is a new report out that suggests
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american women are reversing a historic trend in this country. more and more it is the men who have the most to gain financially from getting married. that is according to the pugh research center which found that 22% of wives now earn more than their husbands. 0 years ago that number was just 4%. and you can see how all the wives in the workforce affected our budgets. the average family indom for a married man has risen 60% since 1970 and the average income for and unmarried man up 16%. american wives passed their husbands as the most educated people in the house. 28% of wives now have more education compared with 19% of husbands. he was the first incoming froze take office in the new normal after the attacks of 9/11. when assumed the role of commander in chief, president obama faced tough decisions on how to fight not one but two
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fares. deal with nuclear threats from north korea and iran and how to prevent another attack on america. one year later, major garrett has a look back at the president's foreign policy. >> the president's biggest foreign policy hoop came at the end of his first year, sending 30,000 additional troops to afghanistan to combat a tenacious taliban. >> i'm convinced that our security is at stake in afghanistan and pakistan. >> when mr. obama accepted his noble peace prize he surprised some by defending his expanded afghan war as crucial to winning a post 9/11 peace. republicans backed this decision but not what came with it. >> his simultaneous announcement of his desire for an early commencement of withdrawal of american forces sent a very bad signal. >> signals, mr. obama has tried to send new ones as with his speech to the muslim world in cairo. at big summits the president acknowledged what he called u.s. missteps in foreign
7:24 pm
policy, economics and the environment. >> it is not just the apologies that make a difference, it is the overall weakness and decline in defending american interests. >> the white house and its allies call it practicallal honesty. >> he has shown a sincetivity to -- sensitivity to the position and problems of other nations. >> the middle east peace process has fallen apart and mr. obama's move to "restart" relations with russia have brought a thaw but nothing else. frustrating the white house push to explore sanctions against iran's nuclear program. >> what we are seeing in iran is a beginning of a series of potential challenges from china that is actually much more important than narrowly what happens on the iran negotiations. >> lots of issues and don't forget the one that helped obama win the nomination, iraq, withdraw forces will from the country this year and the president will have to
7:25 pm
manage the aftermath. >> shepard: thanks, major. what a site. u.s. troops landing at the wreckage of the presidential palace. fox news is riding ail long with the american forces on their life saving mission. we will show you how it is going and what is inside the food packets they are handing out. team coverage from the disaster zone coming up on is "fox report." i was always going
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you can make a positive change in your career. you can make a greater contribution to the greater good. and you can start today, by earning your degree online... at walden university. where advanced degrees advance the quality of life. >> shepard: a live look now in boston where the polls will be closing about a half hour from
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now in the special election to fill the seat once held by ted kennedy. the head quarters of the democrat martha congressly on the left and the republican scott brown on the ride. hright. he has come from way behind according to the polls which show the race too close to call call. thes as we get them on fox news. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the "fox report. "it is the bottom of the hour. time for the hop of news. a number of blackhawk helicopters landed in front of the presidential palace in haiti and unloaded food and water for victims of the quick. more than 11,000 troops helping out in haiti and for the most part the folks there seem to appreciate that help. >> u.s. army. >> u.s. army. >> that is no problem because when they are coming there is something good about it. >> the pentagon reports the mission of the troops is purely
7:30 pm
humanitarian and that they were leaving the policing to the united nations. the united nations has 7,000 peacekeepers there and the security council today voted to add another 2,000. u.s. troops do have the authority to defend themselves and others should things get out of hand. steve hair begasteve harrigan e americans from the 82nd airborne as they handed out aid today. he is live tonight. steve, tell us about it. >> the crowds are getting bigger every day at haiti's only 9 hole golf course. groups who heard they are getting out food there and aid groups that want to work under the protection of the 82nd airborne. here is what the scene looks like. >> they are 20 and 30 deep in some places. the u.s. military here keeping order. they are jurisdiction armed. this is really just a first presence. when trouble starts be blow a foghorn and an armed presence comes. we have seen pushing shove and
7:31 pm
a few scuffleles. it is ugly one of the the aid workers said but it is working. these are not mres. they are single day units. >> this is what is inside. this is 2,000 can calories. enough for one person for one day. pasta with tomato sauce. saw it berry toaster pastries, looks like pop tarts there. peanut butter and yellow rice. the basic meal is pasta and rice. significantly better than an mre in afghanistan or iraq for the soldiers. this is supposed to keep you going for one full day. >> might seem strange to set up an aid system on top of the mott tampa. it is keeping the aid workers and aids stave and they tried to establish some kind of order here. they tried a number of different systems. just women come and just small children come. since it is working other aid groups not just the military have come to the mountain top. we have catholic relief
7:32 pm
services and people are getting water and food and pots and pans as well on this mountainside. the real jackpot on top of that mountain were the buckets given out by catholic relief services. those buckets contain enough food for a family of five and also the bucket itself which can be used for water or in a place where many people are carrying around everything they have left in their happens as a suit case. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve, thank you. united states efforts are not limited to the capital city. roughly 18 miles west of port-au-prince in the city of leogane marines are hard at work distributing aid in what was once reportedly a thriving fishing village and one of the most pleasant coastal towns in all of haiti said the locals. now, according to relief agencies, nine of every ten homes and buildings in leogane lies in ruins. jonathan serrie continues the team fox coverage in the
7:33 pm
disaster zone in leogane. jonathan? >> certainly rough conditions tonight. tonight the marines of the 22nd are literally going to be sleeping on the ground in this cow pasture that earlier in the day they secured as a helicopter landing strip. take a look at the video that we shot earlier in the day. late this morning the first marines from the 22nd arrived, flying off the uss baton and landing here. marines coming out of the helicopter and securing a perimeter around the site. curious crowd of onlookers as you can imagine surrounded the area, curious about what was going on, all of the activity but this crowd has been extremely well behaved. everything has been very peaceful, the perimeter allowed additional helicopters bringing in relief supplies to meet u.n. trucks loading them into the truck. the marines loading them into the trucks and then taking them to distribution areas. right now the relief supplies
7:34 pm
are focused on food and water. coming back to our live shot, you know, it really lets you know just how severe the situation is here. other than the light from my camera and a few flash lights of the marines behind me, and the crescent moon, the stars above us and the occasional head lights of a vehicle there are no lights whatsoever. there is no electricity here whatsoever. people in this town, many of them have lost everything and yet when the maroons were handing out those relief supplies we saw people smiling. in fact, tonight, you can hear people singing. it really puts things in perspective. back to you. >> shepard: jonathan serrie reporting live tonight in leogane in haiti. for more on the rescue efforts head to fox haiti. find the latest images and reports from there and information on how to help the victims of the disaster, should
7:35 pm
you choose. that is at fox haiti. a weather alert tonight. powerful storms, one of them deadly slamming into the western united states. so far, california is bearing the brunt of it. a tornado is likely to blame for damaging several beach communities south of los angeles including damage to an suv which was reportedly "tossed like a toy" and part of a roof torn off a building in huntington beach. north of los angeles near bakersfield police in frazier park blamed the storm for a death of a 20-year-old man killed when a 120-foot tall pine tree slammed into his home. heavy rain left neighborhoods and streets flooded. store owners filling sandbags and boarding up their front doors in case the water levels rise. they could see a total of 20 inches of rain by week's end and on the mountain tops up to 10 feet of snow. he is accused of killing his third wife and is a suspect
7:36 pm
in the disappearance of his fourth. now, word of testimony from the grave as they put it and new witness accounts in the case of the former police sergeant drew peterson. a live report on today's hearing, that's next.
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>> shepard: a former cop in illinois who kept losing his wives until they locked him up. one former wife is still missing, another found dead in a dry bathtub and today, drew peterson appeared in court to hear one of those wives testify in the grave in a manner of speaking and to hear prosecutors argue that he wanted her dead. who can forget drew peterson. his fourth wife stacey disappeared in 2007. he claims she ran away and often joked with news reporters about the situation. stacey's disappearance led police to reopen the investigation into the death of peterson's third wife seen here.
7:40 pm
her body found in a bathtub drown they said at the time but it was dry. that was 2004 and her hair soaked in blood from a head wound. the death initially ruled an accidental browning bu drownino water. cops arrested drew peterson last may in connection with kathleen savios in death. today's hearing is a first look at the evidence that prosecutors plan to use. the hearing focuses on hearsay evidence largely. isn't that normally out of bounds in criminal cases? >> it normally is only brought in talking about civil cases. in this case we are talking about a new illinois law which allows in some cases to have hearsay evidence admitted and that is the entire process in which the prosecution will lay out much of its case to try to get the hearsay evidence in when the criminal trial begins what do drew peterson and his
7:41 pm
attorneys have to say about all of this, steve? >> he spoke to reporters just to acknowledge him but the lead defense attorney had lots to say about the particular hearing and the law potentially allowing hearsay in he say there's is a reason why is isn't northerlyally heard in criminal cases. >> it is unreliable. it really can't be believed and you cannot trust hearsay. >> but on the upside, he said after today's' proceeding that he learned a lot about the prosecution's case so there is some risk involved for the prosecution. >> shepard: what did the court hear from the witnesses today, steve? >> we did hear from one coworker who told a rather disturbing story that he said he heard from kathleen savio. he said in the late 2003 and this is months before kathleen's body was found she described an evening where she had a glass of wine in her hand and she was tackled by peterson and held down with a knife at her neck and told i could kill
7:42 pm
you but it would be too bloody. this is part of the evidence the prosecution is trying to get in during the criminal trial. >> steve brown live in joliet, illinois, this evening. thanks. >> shepard: a fox urgent now. virginia state police say they are in a standoff with a gunman who went on a shooting spree in the central part of that state. somebody found an injured man on a rural road 100 miles south and west of richmond. investigators say the suspect fired on police when they went to investigate including a police helicopter. police say the man has killed and injured multiple people and they say they have surrounded him in a wooded area. updates as we get them. well, the lighter side of news unless you are conan o'brien. tonight show host conan still reportedly close to signing a deal to walk away from his contract at nbc and possibly return to television as early as september. meanwhile the man essentially taking over his job, jay leno
7:43 pm
tried to explain his side of the story last night on his program. jay leno says the debacle started five years ago when nbc decided it would replace him with conan o'brien. leno was far and away number one at the time when didn't want to leave. nbc refused to let him out of his contract and instead offered him a half hour show at 11:35 eastern. >> when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well, i think we did a good job here but we didn't get the ratings. you get humbled. said i'm not crazy about doing a half however but okay, what do you want to do with conan. we will put him on at midnight or 12:05 keeps the tonight show and does all that, he gets the whole hour. i said okay, do you think conan will go for that. yes,y he. >> shepard: conan didn't go for that. it was not okay at all. leno went on to say he thinks conan is a good man and there was a animosity between them.
7:44 pm
a copy of the ten commandments back on display in a courthouse in kentucky after the latest round in an eight year legal battle. our top story on a fox trip across america. kentucky. ♪ ♪ god bless america >> hundreds of people turning out for the rehanging of the commandment in graceson county courthouse. two residents and the american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit saying the presence violated the separation of church and state. a u.s. circuit court of appeals recently overturned a ruling that barred the chant meants from hanging on public property. wisconsin, more than 100 firefighters battling a five alarm blaze in east milwaukee. the building housed a pizzaman restaurant, a popular eatery in the city. crews had to cut through a metal fence to get to the flames. apartments were evacuated but no reports of any one hurt.
7:45 pm
california, a car chase ending in a wreck in hollywood. police say a man pulled a gun on undercover officers and then hopped into an suv and started the chase. he ransom red lights and smacked into another car at an intersection. that is when the cops nabbed him. florida. time to go home for more than two dozen green sea turtles of a the florida keys. a hospital for turtles in marathon treated the big guys earlier this month for exposure to very cold temperatures. the turtles seemed eager to get back into the water and they are part of a fox watch across america. the polls close minutes from now in the special election in massachusetts to fill the senate seat vacated when the late ted kennedy died. just ahead, we will take a last look at what is really at stake for this election for the candidates, for the white house, and for all of us. and a special edition of the
7:46 pm
o'reilly factor with live updates on the results. that is coming up momentarily. look at it. just look at it.
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>> shepard: this america's election head quarters. what looks like a cliff-hanger in the state of massachusetts where voters, the last few minutes deciding who will fill the vacant senate seat left by the death of senator ted kennedy. on the democratic side, martha coakley is the first woman to serve as the attorney general in massachusetts. in '99, voters elected her district attorney in middlesex county. coakley first got the public's attention with the high profile prosecution of a british nanny charged with shaking to death an infant.
7:50 pm
coakley's opponent is a republican named count scott b. he has made a huge comeback in the polls. the last time a republican held the so-called kennedy seat was 1953. south brown served in the state house of representatives and the state senate. cosmopolitan magazine named him america's sexiest man in 1982. he was in law school. etourdi the state in a 2005 gmc pickup truck which he features in his campaign ads. there would be questions about the fate of president obama's push for healthcare reform. senate and house democrats are working on a compromise bill of sorts. they were only able to reach this stage because they have the filibuster proof majority. even as the white house says it does not believe a loss in massachusetts means failure for healthcare. a new polls shows many americans are against the bill. according to a survey at the
7:51 pm
"wall street journal" and nbc news, 46% of americans believe the bill is a bad idea and 3% say it is a goode idea. the numbers are virtually the same as one mont ago. with us from washington, joseph williams, jr., news editor and deputy bureau chief for the boston globe. i keep hearing so p of this is about local matters of massachusetts and not a big picture across america. is that what your reporting indicates and could you elab rate? >> the democrats in massachusetts have had significant problems in recent months. the governor is unpopular. is struggling to get reelected and scandals coming out of beacon hill where the legislature meets and that is controlled by democrats and the move to get an interim senator in meant doing a 180 on what the democratic legislature did
7:52 pm
for mitt romney. they took away his pound for the candier to appoint an interim candidate and when senator kennedy died and they had a democrat in the governor's office the legislature voted to ren state that pound for the candier to the governor. you have m what appear to be political shenanigans and there have been backlash about that. scott brown has also been able to tap into the general muddle sur ranting the definition of the current healthcare bill in washington. it has not been clearly defined and there was question from the public about what he would do for people and what is in there and not in there, cadillac taxes and special deals for nebraska and other states to get the vote. there has been muttle around that and i think that has contributed to the angst which has helped propel scott brown back into the lead. >> shepard: the polling group that works for the democratic side on this martha coakley has been quoted assaying that some of this was president obama's failure to go after or give a
7:53 pm
public show of going after wall street. is there anything to that of your reporting or no? >> a general sort of sense among the voters and this is probably true in massachusetts as well that wall street did get away with some things and that the president probably should have rapped knuckles harder or gone further than that and that his recent announcement that there is going be taxes levied against some banks to try to recoup some of the losses, that is sort of what some people are describing as a late attempt to try to capture that authority again. in massachusetts, definitely the mood of the voters is dissatisfaction, kind of surly and even to the point are a low simmering kind of anger that has its reaction in towards going against the democrats who have helped sway for so long in that state. >> shepard: just a few minutes away. the news editor from the boston globe. good of you to be with us from washington.
7:54 pm
thank you. >> my pleasure thank you. >> coming up here on 8:00 on the east coast. that means two things, polls about to close and bill o'reilly is about to start. we will have the updates and we will have the updates and news right after we update the headlines. wo thaon enext on the "fox report." staples. that was easy.
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>> shepard: the polls close momentarily in massachusetts in a senate showdown where there is so much on the line. the democrat's 60 vote super majority and quite frankly the future of their healthcare overhaul. a couple of months ago it looked as if martha coakley had it wrapped up but scott brown made a big comeback throughout the race in an apparent dead heat in the final days. continuing coverage throughout the evening. live updates out of boston and our coverage continues through the early hours of the morning live here on fox news. meanwhile the republican chris cristie sworn in today as the new governor of new jersey, the 55th governor there. in his speech the 47-year-old
7:58 pm
former federal prosecutor vowed to bring about the far reaching change he says voters elected him to deliver. he takes over a state with the nation's highest property taxes, a deficit that could hit $10 billion by july and unemployment near 10%. top stories updated now. roughly 11,000 u.s. troops said to be on the ground in haiti to help deliver badly needed food, water and other supplies. 800 marines arrived today. speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying democrats will push ahead with healthcare reform even should the republican scott brown win the massachusetts senate special election. and heavy rain and floods and piling snow causing major problems in parts of southern, california. some higher elevations in the golden state reportedly set to get ten feet of snow in the coming days. and on this day in 1809, the legendary american poet and author edgar allen poe was born
7:59 pm
in boston. he was an orphan by the age of three so a rich ungle took him in and raised him. when gambled all of his tuition away, the uncle cut heavy off. he wrote the raven, the tell tale heart, fall of the house of usher to name a few. he died at the age of 40 and for the last 60 years a mysterious visitor has left a bottle of brandy and three roses at his grave site. and now you know the news for this tuesday, january 19th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in your home tonight. remember, if you would like to help the victims of the earthquake in haiti, head to fox haiti. a special live edition


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